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17 wks with baby #3!

3 answers
5 years ago
ok well with both boys i put on about 50lbs each time and lost it by the time their 2, but when i found out about baby 3 i was 180 and now im 165? i dont get sick at all i eat about two times a day but its just a lil more then a 2yr old would eat at any givin meal. what should i do all i know is i dont want to EAT!!!

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5 years ago
With my last baby I did the same thing. At first it was because I couldn't eat because I was so sick. Then by the time I could I just didn't want to so I didn't. When she was born she only weighed 5lbs 2oz. I felt so bad because she had alot of trouble and stayed in the ICU for 4 days. I'm not saying it was because I didn't eat that she had health problems but her low birth weight was definitely from not eating. I would try to eat more often and less at a time. Like trying 4 meals throughout the day with half what you usually eat. Maybe once your body is used to eating more often then you can increase the amount at each meal.
5 years ago
You deff should eat as much as you can, your baby needs to grow and be healthy. If you dont feel well they say to eat 6 small meals a day , dont stuff youself but make sure you eat enought for you and the baby.
5 years ago
try ensure that way u have the calorie intake and then u dont have to eat more than u already

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