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At about how many weeks does the mucus plug usually come out? And is this something I should watch for?

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5 years ago

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5 years ago
when ur mucas plug falls out that means ur water has broke or will break! with my first born i was making dinner and bent over to get a pan and my water broke, i thought i peed myself! so i went to the bathroom and took a shower, when i stepped out it happened again! all i could do is laugh! this happened about 2 weeks before my due date. i beleave that this can happen at anytime during ur last trimester more twards the end! im not a dr or a registered nurse so i would double checkwith ur healthcare provider! i hope this helps!    
5 years ago
Some people do not lose there mucus plug, i never did with my first two children and my water did not break with either.  It varys with person to person.  I had to be induced with both my kids and lets hope number 3 comes easier. 
5 years ago
At 37 weeks there will be another development with your childs lungs. Its the last thing to form completely to help your child breathe. So before 37 weeks I wouldnt try to go into labor. But after that....sure. Your baby is pretty much finished and just waiting for the right moment to come.
5 years ago
My mucus plug fell out on June 8th. I am now 31 weeks 5 days and am just fine. Your mucus plug is not set to come out at a certain time and can regrow back after you lose it. 

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