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Best moves for healthy pregnancy after loss? I don't want to be excited yet, but I want to take care of myself as best I can.

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5 years ago
My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage - twins, lost them two weeks apart - the first at 6 weeks, the second at 8 weeks. We waited the length of time my OB suggested and now we're pregnant again after four months. I took an at-home test yesterday to confirm what I felt - I didn't realized I could "just know" I was pregnant! I know there are no guarantees, so I'm really just looking for encouragement: I'm scared. I'm nervous it will happen again and every twinge, every cramp makes me think "Oh no! Maybe I'm going to start bleeding again..." Any encouragement would be wonderful...

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5 years ago
the best thing you can do is not stress!! I had a misscarriage at 8 weeks and we are now nervous because we are 7 weeks pregnant, I now for me I will feel better once I get past that point I know it could still happen but I will just feelreassured to get past that landmark. i am sure everything will be fine with you as well just stay calm! best of lucktoyou 

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