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can babies sense when their mother is expecting again?

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3 years ago

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3 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
I am not a baby expert so I am not sure about that. Better you may discuss any baby expert. [url=">]friv[/url]
3 months ago
Simple, I hope this information that merits special na become a simkuring umuna shrimp for everyone ramuan tradisional ejakulasi dini
2 months ago
we can feel it struggling or doing something I was pregnant 8 months old baby boy, and we always listen to it since the baby | Kizi 4 || Yepi 4
2 months ago
I seriously think they do my 2 year old is such a great kid hes always in his own world ever since i found out i was pregnant even a lil bit before that he just cries every night idk i ask him why he just wants to be hugged all the time morning after noon all the time he just wants to be spoiled this is so not him so ifeel he feels the baby, now i just wanna hav this baby so he can stop acting like this he was never like this before ! I still love him lol! :) but i really think its cuz im pregnant no doubt


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