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can smoking marijuana all day everyday give u a negitive pregnancy test?

4 answers
6 years ago

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6 years ago
I dont think that it can but soming anything when pregnant can have not only bad effects on you but also the baby. If you think you are pregnant please go to your doctor to make sure.
5 years ago
if you are trying to concieve it will be hard because smoking  marijuana can lessin your chance to get pregnant .
5 years ago
My advice is to stop smoking...period. If you can't even ask a question without correct spelling, then you have more important issues to take care of before trying to have a baby.
5 years ago
No the HTC will not effect you HGC levels, no worries in that but if you are pregnant you should quit immediately! marijuana will heighten he risks of premature birth and low birthweight, wich are two things you really want to avoid!

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