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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.
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Development (57)

3 answers
1 year ago
I have 3 1/2 year old twins who we have been trying to potty train for over a year. At first we started really low key, just encouraging to sit on the potty before bath and whenever they seemed... more
Asked by STEF20
2 answers
2 years ago
My boyfriend has a 5 year old daughter and she still wets the bed at night. We're trying to help her stop that. We try waking her up at night to go the the restroom but she fights us cuz she doesnt... more
Asked by Supermom777
6 answers
2 years ago
She is 12 13 in march and she has huge breast she keeps asking me if there is any way to make them smaller she is begging me and she gets mocked what do I do ?
Asked by Motherload101
2 answers
2 years ago
ok my cassie is eleven and has not found out santa, i know she is eleven thats old most chiledren find out about 9 maybe 8 but she hasnt should i tell her, because her friends always talk about santa... more
Asked by maaks2011
1 answer
2 years ago
while doing ultra sound left kidney was not visible what may be wrong.He is now 8 months old and also having delayed mile stone.
Asked by Theomom356
4 answers
2 years ago
My son is five years old and his curiosity is driving me crazy! I want to encourage him, but sometimes the questions are just ridiculous. The other day he asked me "What if everyone were blind and... more
Asked by iamuseless
2 answers
2 years ago
What's the best way to figure out what a kid is saying? He's learning so many words now, but I don't know how to determine what some of these words are.
1 answer
3 years ago
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