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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.
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Relationships (10)

Asked by amill4fc
0 answers
6 hours ago
I'm getting ready to marry a man who has twin 6 year old girls. I've known the girls since they were born. Their mother is not in the picture, but my fiancé's mother has really stepped in and played... more
Asked by miller46581565
0 answers
7 hours ago
So I'm five month pregnant and my family isn't really being supportive. They say I'm too young. I am 23 years old. I am training to be a mid-wife. And i really don't see the problem. what i am asking... more
Asked by mind18sampson
4 answers
5 days ago
I'm having another baby in march my two daughters and I live at home with my mom and I'm still in school my daughters think my mother is there mom I feel like I have no control whenever I try to... more
Asked by dnchldbfl
0 answers
1 week ago
I have a friend who is a single mother with kids ages 3 and 5. She works full time as a nurse and has been feeling overwhelmed with work and her kids recently. I offered to come over to give some... more
Asked by antjor123
0 answers
1 week ago
Hello, I just gave birth to my daughter in august of 2014. Her dad and I are not together and he has not been involved in her life at all. I wanted to know if reaching out to his family to see of... more
Asked by rebeccagra87105
0 answers
1 week ago
My daughter is 18months old. He will not change her or bath her. He much rather sit on his phone all night n pay no attention to her.he is always doing what he chooses to. Lately he is starting to... more
Asked by missyrobinson8
1 answer
1 month ago
Hey I have a huge question. I have a four year old son n getting a divorce. But I have a ex that has been in my sons life since he has been 14 months old but we r not together I am with another guy.... more
Asked by timgodin36258
0 answers
2 months ago
Ladies, I need your advice. My wife and I had our first child just over 2 months ago. We live 1 hour from her parents and 3 hours from my mother (my father is deceased) and we are essentially on... more
Asked by jjavier5
0 answers
2 months ago
Who should be the one to maintain the relationship between a child and a grandparent? I always thought that we as parents are responsible for our child's relationship with their grandparents.
Asked by kowainat
0 answers
3 months ago
I have been married for 18 year with 2 kids. In the past 3 years my wife changed for no reason. Im a faithful loving husband very physic and good looking man also very romantic and always try my best... more