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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.
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Is it normal? (10)

Asked by codyphelps23cp
0 answers
1 week ago
its been like 4-5 days ago that i seen on the toilet papper it was clear thick an stringy an have been havein some contractions but not pain full an have had an increase in discharge is this normal?... more
Asked by chacha93x
0 answers
3 weeks ago
Well it all started that I had redness and was ichy around my clit and bleeding when I wiped myself after a pee it's dark redy browny, anyway me and my bf googled it and says it's common on prangnt... more
Asked by rickjames172357
0 answers
1 month ago
I got my tubes tied after my second child was born and now I am pragnet how can that happen ? I took home test and I have my period.
Asked by oshannahs
0 answers
1 month ago
Ok, so I've never posted anything like this before, but I'm completely baffled at my body right now. I am 26 and I have extremely regular periods with extremely predictable symptoms. Two days before... more
Asked by caitlinsheepcm
0 answers
1 month ago
Im 21 and me and my boyfriend started having unprotected sex when i was 20 I'm now 5 months pregnant and keep getting these pains under my whom does anyone know what it is?
Asked by jmeden79
0 answers
1 month ago
I am 8 weeks and feel huge already! My pants are tight already!!!!
Asked by mmoore137867
0 answers
3 months ago
My recent HCG results were 110,323 at 5 weeks 6 days pregnant. My other results: October 22- 641 October 27- 7,710 November 4- 110,323 Is it normal for my HCG to be that high?
Asked by joyceprice84
0 answers
5 months ago
I was Late, But still came on my period, been on now for two days.... Can I still be pregnant...?
Asked by katelynhilljone
0 answers
8 months ago
I am pregnant for the first time, and I can say for certain that I am not 20 weeks pregnant. Yet, I can feel, see, and watch my baby move in my stomach. I can feel the child kicking, or punching in... more
Asked by alicialawson1993
2 answers
9 months ago
I had umpetrated sex about 3 days before and a day right before I was support to have my period then I woke up with a little blood so I thought I started and then it stopped but I don't have normal... more