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5 years ago
I have been peeing clear urine and sometime its a llittle yellow and even when I feel like I have to pee or when I do and its a lot its still one of the colors.

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5 years ago
well I know that my dr told me that I was not drinking enough fluids which made my urine dark dark yellow.. so my guess would be that maybe you are just drinking alot and its there for a clear or light yellow color.. you could ask your dr.. probably could call in and ask if something to worry about if it would make you feel better.. but personally I think that a light yellow is ok just that the dark yellow wasnt because it mean tI was dehydrating.. good luck and hope that helps a little atleast =)
5 years ago
Thanks Maddison09
5 years ago
light yellow to clear is the color you want it.  it means that you are hydrated enough for you and the baby.  your doctor's office should do a urine test every visit anyway to make sure there's nothing wrong, but from all the sites i've read those are the best colors you can get.  i've been drinking a lot of water and the more i drink the clearer mine is.  rest easy, sounds healthy, but if you are worried call your doctor.
5 years ago
Although it is very important to stay hydrated, you can over hydrate. Your pee should be a light yellow color. If your concerned though always call your doctor.
5 years ago
Also, your prenatals should make it yellow due to the B vitamins, so...have you been taking them?
4 years ago
Do you have to pee often?  And are you taking your prenatal vitamins?When your pee is more concentrated it becomes a darker yellow color.  That's why it's darker when you're dehydrated.  Generally, lighter color urine is healthier.I've heard of prenatal vitamins making your urine a more flourescent color.  That's what's happening to me actually.

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