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a good Strech mark creme

4 answers
5 years ago
I'm lookingfor an affortable strech mark creme. With my first pregnancy I bought the one from Motherhood, sad they don't carry it anymore. I need a creme that does nothave fragrance, I'm allergic to it. Please help.

answers (4)

5 years ago
The only good creams I know of is Shea Butter and Coco Butter. you might be able to find one of those with out fragrance..Good luck!
5 years ago
I use's Massage therapy bar.  They don't add any fragrance, just the smell of the butters and oils in the ingredients itself.
5 years ago
Thank you, mommynebula and LUTYA. I'm going to try thr lush brand. 
5 years ago
hi im in my first pregnany and my mother recomended almond oil. its what ive been using and i haven't gotten any so far. its also good for the breasts it relieves my itching.

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