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how far along do you usually start to feel movement or kicks from your baby?

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I didnt start to feel movement until i was 5-6 months. however, i did not know what to expect because this is my first pregnancy. it feels like a light flutter in your stomach as if your muscles are contracting....itz a really cool but weird feeling
Im pregnant with my first child and i was told beings it was my first that i wouldnt start feeling movement till 20weeks.  I started noticing "flutters" at around 14 weeks.  It felt like butterflies in my stomach or popcorn poping.  Shortly after that the movement got stronger and stronger by 18-20 weeks i was definitly feeling kicks.  Each weeks the movement got stronger and stronger.  Every women is different more petite women may feel movement sooner also wheather or not its your first pregnancy can play a role too.  Im now 32.4weeks and our little boy is so active he kicks and moves around all the time. 
Most women will feel a little flutter of movement when they are 15 weeks.  Now the baby won't kick hard enough for everyone else to feel it until you are around 20 weeks.  I am on my 4th pregnancy and it still amazes me how wonderful a feeling it was just to feel the fluttering.  I am 24 weeks and my baby kicks me at least 10 times a day.
It's different for everyone, most first time moms don't feel movement until around 20 weeks. If they do feel movement before that they're not sure what it is. I'm a lil more than 15 weeks and i'm feeling butterfly movements. The baby usually won't kick hard enough for you to feel with your hand or for other people to feel until 20 weeks.
Every woman is different. I didn't feel much until 20-21 weeks, and at that time, it was faint fluttering.... I may have felt it before then but it is hard to determine if its gas or the baby- LOL... But by now, 26 weeks, the movement is very obvious, she's a very active strong girl :)! I think I read on some websites that if its ur first pregnancy it can be anywhere from 18-22 weeks that you feel movement for the first time..... And for moms who've had a baby in the past, I think they feel the movement earlier, becuase they know what they're looking for.... Either way, relax and enjoy the ride, u'll be feeling the movement soon :)
This is my first baby and I felt little flutters, like a muscle twitch, starting at 16 weeks.  I am 34 weeks now and she moves so much you can see it through my shirt!
I am pregnant with my first baby, and when I was about 15 weeks my doctor told me my placenta sits differently than most so I wouldn't feel the baby until way later in my pregnancy, like 25 weeks or so. I am almost 28 weeks now and have felt her move for much longer than that and about a week ago you could begin to feel her on the outside. I really think it just depends on your body and baby!
I am 19 weeks and still haven't felt the baby move :( We had an ultrasound last week and he is a VERY active little guy, but I saw him moving and still didn't feel anything. I have read it can be as late as 26 weeks along before some moms, especially first time moms, feel movement.
I think I felt the baby move for the first time around 24 weeks.  I knew for sure that the movement was the baby by 28 weeks. If you still havnt felt movement just hold on cause ocne he or she starts they dont stop :)
I think I felt the baby move for the first time around 24 weeks.  I knew for sure that the movement was the baby by 28 weeks. If you still havnt felt movement just hold on cause ocne he or she starts they dont stop :)


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