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How snug is too snug to wear my support belt? Will it hurt the baby?

2 answers
5 years ago
I am 5'1 and 115 (well now 125) 16 weeks pregnant. I bought the "Ultimate Maternity Support Belt," in hopes to alleviate my back pain. I like it snug (enough to leave a mark after I take it off), but will this hurt the baby? How tight it too tight? Thanks ladies!

answers (2)

5 years ago
You need to be comfortable and able to breathe in it.  The baby is down there in a little water-filled cocoon.  I don't think that wearing a support belt snugly would bother it.  If you are uncomfortable then it's probably too tight, but as long are you are comfortable the baby should be too. 
5 years ago
Thanks so much for putting this paranoid first time mother at ease :)

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