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i am 17 weeks and i want to know how far along i have to be to find out what i'm having

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6 years ago

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6 years ago
Our doctor told us that we could find out between 17 and 19 weeks along. But we actually found out at 16 weeks. Everyone is different, but I would say to call your doctor to schedule your ultrasound! :)
6 years ago
Aloha!  16-20 weeks
6 years ago
My doctor absolutely wouldn't let me find out until 20 weeks. Apparently that's when they do all the measurements of the baby such as the head, heart, femur and such and the baby is better seen at 20 weeks. :)
6 years ago
They definitely can determine gender as early as 16 weeks, but as Alayna's Momma said, my doc won't do the u/s until 20 weeks either since it is a diagnostic test (not only for gender reasons).
6 years ago
Thanks everyone!!
5 years ago
My friend had a some kind of blood work done when she was 3 months and a few days, and find out she is having a little girl! she is a very happy  mommy now.

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