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I am 39 weeks and just had a doctors appointment today...

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5 years ago
and he's still not ready to come out!!!! Someone help me! What can I do to try and speed up the process? I am not dialated at all and he is not moving down.... I was really bummed when I left the doctors. They would not scrape my membranes because they said he wasn't ready... any advice?

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5 years ago
I know how you feel. I just commented on your other question about scraping the membranes, and I have been there. They tried scraping the membranes a few times with my daughter and no success I finally gave in and set an induction so that I could just be done with the pregnancy already. I had her a day before her due date. Good luck with everything
5 years ago
Its so irritating because I am always HOT with this weather and uncomfortable and I cant sleep. I hate to say it but Id rather just be done with this and have him here. I want to meet him, im tired of waiting. Everyone in my family was lucky and went early... I on the other hand seem like I am going to pass my due date! GRRRRRR
5 years ago
I know how you feel I had my daughter the end of june last year and I was beyond miserable which was why I did the induction. I was nervous but it went well and thats how i am planning on having our second baby in December as well. It will be easier for me to plan things for our 13 month old that was as well.. as long as this one doesnt decide to come early lol.. dont feel bad I was practically begging my dr to induce before because I was just ready to have her here and be done with the pregnancy good luck =)
5 years ago
My baby came on her due date.  The night before I went on a cleaning binge and was constantly on my feet. 
5 years ago
I went two days past my due date before my 2nd son was 2:57 in the morning.  Try to walk, even if it's around the house.  I've heard that spicy foods (yuck) help speed things up.  Also heard that making love or starting the process is one that definitely speeds things up.  If I had to do any of the above, I'd vote for the last.  :)  Good luck and get some rest, you will need it for the labor and the early days to come. 

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