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i keep dreaming of being with my ex is it bad? should i feel ashamed even though i cant controll it?

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5 years ago

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5 years ago
Sigmund Freud had a theory that what you dream of is your subconcious trying to tell you something.  As a psychology major, I partly believe in this.I've read that if you dream of someone who's from your past, like an ex, it could be a sign of 'unfinished business' or the subject needing some kind of closure in a sense.  Do you still see him/talk to him?  Maybe he heard through the grapevine that you're pregnant?  There's really not much you can do about your dreams, even though you might feel bad about it.  I personally wouldn't tell my husband about it, because in reality, if he told me he was dreaming about someone else, it would really bother me!
5 years ago
Although stefanies is right about Sigmund Freud and his dream theory.  I wouldn't think that you need to get back with your ex or anything.  You are pregnant and us pregnant women have some screwed up dreams.  I have had some screwed up ones myself.  But yes I would tell my husband/significant other.  I bet you will both laugh about it.  The worst dreams during pregnancy are the ones where in them either someone you love is hurt, or your husband/significant other is cheating.  Those are the most common pregnancy dreams.  Don't freak out about it.  It is normal.
5 years ago
thanks you both helped out...

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