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I'm 13 Weeks On Monday...

2 answers
5 years ago
I'll be 13 weeks along on Monday... how do i tell how many months i am .. and also how do I tell if i am still in my first trimester or 2nd trimester??

answers (2)

5 years ago
13 weeks and on ur in ur second trimester..and as far as months just count four weeks and thats one month so u r 3 months and 1 week..
5 years ago
Your second trimester starts at 14 weeks and the third starts at 28 weeks. This website is great because close to the top right under the main headlines (health&symptoms, ect.) there are the weeks of the pregnancy. You find your week and it tells which trimester, how big it should be, how you might be feeling and what your body is going through. It is really cool.

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