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im in 4th month of pregnancy, can we have sex during pregnancy

6 answers
6 years ago

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6 years ago
It is perfectly fine to have sex during pregnancy...unless your doctor tells you other wise. Unless you are a high risk pregnancy or your doctor restricts it you can have sex through your entire pregnancy.
6 years ago
yes its perfectly fine to have sex im 6 months pregnant with my first baby,im only 21 so i asked my doctor alot of questions he said its fine just do what feels comfortable for you.
6 years ago
It's okay to have sex unless it's too painful for you.  Make sure you ask your doctor if you are in pain.  I went to a sex during pregnancy class and the instructor told me and my fiance that this is the time to really slow down during sex and enjoy making love in a whole new way!
6 years ago
perfectly safe for you and baby, unless you are considered a high risk pregnancy, which your doctor would have told you by now.  sex is safe all the way until you are due (if you still feel comfortable). have fun!
6 years ago
Oh yes you're good to have sex unless you're a "high-risk pregnancy" (which your doctor will tell you! I'm at 34 weeks right now and we're still going strong ;) no worries, at 4 months you're fine!
5 years ago
its a safe thing to have sex during your pregnancy unless you're a high risk pregnancy,there no need to long as you are comfortable both of your partner and it can make your relationship more stronger. you may enjoy that thing!

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