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Im always crying is that normal?

7 answers
6 years ago
Everytime I hear a song about love or watch two people who love eachother on tv I break out in tears. I am not a depressed person but it seems like everything is making me cry lately.

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6 years ago
It's normal to cry more frequently during pregnancy because of the hormone roller coaster.  For me, after giving birth was even worse until the hormones leveled out.  If you are literally crying ALL of the time, you may to consult a counseler for PPD etc..
6 years ago
It is perfectly normal...I cried so much during both of my other pregnancies. I would cry at the most retarted things...I cried one day when I couldn't find the cat and I wanted to cuddle with her.
6 years ago
I had to comment on this, I am 6 months pregnant and I just recently cried because I couldn't decide a name for my son that I am currently pregnant with. Your hormones will make you so emotional during your pregnancy it is very normal.
6 years ago
There's a stigma that pregnant women are all basketcases... I didn't really understand until my first pregnancy.  I cried- a lot.  Now with my second- I cry a lot.  Sometimes it's for no reason, sometimes it's because my two year old threw her dinner on the floor, and when I watched "Up" I sobbed and sobbed.  You can't control it, but I doubt anyone will blame you, either- you're growing eyelashes and toenails!!!
6 years ago
I wanted to thank everyone for your response. It made me feel a lot better that I am not the only person out there that does this, I watched king kong last night and cried through the whole thing.... so no more sad movies for me!!
6 years ago
I can make you feel even better, I have cried at commercials and even during the news. My 13 year old thinks it is hilarious.  Welcome to pregnancy! Hormones are no joke. :)
5 years ago
Yeah it'sfine, I cry at least 10 times a day. My boyfriend always has to calm me down, even though I do kinda get on his nerves when it's the 9th or 10th time that day. I'll cry at anything, from dropping my washing or not being able to reach something on a high shelf. It's ridiculous, but I get so emotional that it seems like the worst thing on Earth until I've had half an hour and a few hugs to calm me down. Although, recently I've been crying about my baby's health as I'm terrified incase something goes wrong, but I know I just need to calm down and hope that everything's fine. So don't worry, pretty much all of us go through this at some point (or right the way through) pregnancy x

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