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Im in my 3rd week i believe...(May 15th, 2010 last period) Im havin krazii pain but no blood!!! NORMAL???

3 answers
6 years ago
Im most deff prego, blood test sed so n evn doe dey cnt c n e thing in ultrasound yet dr sed i look fine!!!! Im jus nervous bout dis pain!

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6 years ago
Hi well congrats!!!!! Mommy to be..... Its normal at first to fell like that because your placenta is getting in place and forming the baby already of course...... your breast may end up swelling too but its all gonna be okay
6 years ago
Congradulations!!! I had/ still have the same cramping feeling and i am 11 weeks. its because your uterus is expanding and growing for the baby. i just lie down or try to raise my feet when i have them.
6 years ago

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