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is it normal to discharge like a light brown color discharge but not wit a smell to it

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6 years ago

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6 years ago
No, not really normal.  Brown discharge can be a signal that something might not be going right on the inside- it means it's probably "old" blood.  Try to get into your doctor as soon as possible and tell them exactly what happened so they can rule out any ocmplications before it's too late.
6 years ago
I have that and my doctor told me that it was just old blood and nothing to worry about.
6 years ago
If your not sure what is going ona nd you are worried something could be wrong I would suggest calling or seeing your doctor asap.
6 years ago
In my first pregnancy I started to discharge the same thing...the not too long later I lost it...go to the doc ASAP
6 years ago
There could or there couldn't be something wrong.  Get an appointment with your ob docotor right away.  I did the same thing at the beginning of this pregnancy and my ob doctor said it was just the sac attaching to the uterine wall.  But again you need to have your ob doctor determine that. 

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