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Is it ok to take methodone 10 mg daily while you are pregnant? i was told that you can not stop taking it because it can kill your baby.

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5 years ago

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5 years ago
A friend of mine recently had a baby having been on the methadone clinic during her pregnancy. Her baby had to stay in the hospital for a month detoxing. There is a chance of miscarriage if you stop taking methadone while pregnant, but if you don't you WILL have a VERY sick baby when it's born that may also have birth defects or could possibly die while coming off of it. Those are your options. Personally I feel the right thing to do is to get off of it, gradually decrease your dose lessening chances of miscarriage and not getting as sick. It might be hard and yes you risk the chance of losing the baby but it's not fair to put a newborn through that kind of trauma. Not to mention he or she will be in the hospital for a long time, not home with your where she should be. It's a personal choice that lots of mothers have to make. Usually they are influenced to stay on methadone more because doctors think they will relapse with heroin than the risk of losing the baby. If this is something you have to decide I wish you the best of luck and courage making this choice.
5 years ago
A cousin of mine had a baby while she was on methadone, the baby was about 2 months premature and had to detox in the hospital as well. There is nothing worth putting your baby threw that. Also, most methadone clinics will lie to you and tell you it is safe to take while pregnant. They are WRONG and in denial about their drug. Your baby will suffer if you stay on the drug.
5 years ago
I am a NICU nurse and I can speak from years of experience of having to take care of babies that are detoxing and it is heartbreaking. We all have to take turns holding them while they scream. I am not telling you this to make you feel bad but it is absolutely the truth. I have known only 2 moms in my 10 year career that have chosen to detox themselves during pregnancy. The babies come out perfectly healthy and have no pain, diarrhea, sweats, or skin breakdown after delivery. The easiest time for your baby to detox is while they are inside of you. If you wait until after delivery the baby is not weaned off of the methadone, the cord is cut and they are taken off cold turkey. After a day or 2 they are put on a couple of drug to help control the withdrawl symptoms and to prevent seizures. The severity of withdrawl is measured by the NAS. I know that coming off the drug is a personal decision. One of the ladies I knew that went through detox herself during pregnancy told me " I knew that one of us had to detox, I didn't want to have to sit and watch my baby withdrawl while I sat here with no pain or trouble, it just didn't seem fair."
5 years ago
what the fuck is wrong with you? why the hell are you popping pills while you are pregnant?is it safe??!! wtf? would you shove a pill in a newborns mouth? When you found out you were pregnant you should have stopped it not fair to hurt an innocent person and endanger an innocent life because of your own selfish needs. get a grip woman this is where reality steps in to bite you in the ass! Not even for your own child you couldnt stop? get some fucking help thats the answer tell your doctor!! dont sit on here looking for ways to avoid that!! DO YOU THINK THAT IT'S SAFE TO FEED A BABY DRUGS KNOWING THEY DONT HAVE THE ABILITY TO TELL YOU THEY DONT WANT IT??!!! QUITING COLD-TURKEY CAN BE DANGEROUS SO..... TELL YOU DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago
I suffer from severe back pain for the last 15 years as a result of being in a car accident as a pedestrian when I was pregnant with my daughter.  As a result I have been on pain management since then.  I am currently on Morphine Sulfate.  Two weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant. I am now 3 months pregnant. My doctor suggested switching the Morphine to Methodone because it would be easier on the baby, but I wasn't sure that was a wise choice.  He also said it would be impossible to wean me off the Morphine while I'm pregnant because the baby would go into shock and i would probably miscarry.  I need some advice.  Is there any pain management treatment that can be considered safer than Morphine or Methadone, or should I let them switch me to Methodone and wean me off while I'm pregnant.  And if they wean me off, how will I manage with my now overbearing back pain, more so now that I am pregnant?

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