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Must I count the baby’s movements? Does the number truly matter? If I know he moved at some point every day, is that good enough?

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Your baby should move 10 times every 30 minutes
10 times every 30 minutes sounds like a lot to me when you're in the 2nd trimester. I'm 20 weeks and my doctor said to just make sure the baby was moving every day -- no number attached in terms of how many times.
I never counted my baby's movements, and fetuses have active and resting cycles just like the rest of us, so if you don't notice movement for a couple of hours, it's no biggy - especially in the second trimester. As long as it's moving, it's fine. If you're concerned, talk to your doctor.
I understood the mark was 8-10 movements in an hour and that hour should be after eating.  Regardless, I don't count movements at all.  I just pay attention to when my baby moves and have become accustomed to his sleep/wake cycles.  He's changed them a couple of times on me during the pregnancy but it's only taken me a day or two to get the new schedule figured out.  I notice he'll go a day or two moving less and then he feels bigger and stronger and moves the same amount or more again.  I think these are maybe his little growth spurts - he needs extra rest while he's growing and then he gets energetic again afterward.
When are you supposed to start counting the movemnet? My doctor hasn't said anything about counting it.

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