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Are you concerned with the music choices available to kid's?

1 answers
5 years ago
I am Fed Up! You can't turn on the radio today without fear.I have completely turned the radio off in our home.NO ACCESS!!!! That's why when I find something wonderful for kid's I love to share it!These are two mom's taking matter into their own hands.The song is Electric baby doll by Major Minor's,General Supa Dupa and Rock C Hook.SOOOOO FRESH AND SOOOO CLEAN!You Go Girls!!! I got my copy at iTunes but you can check it out for free at your fav digital retailer.Enjoy!!!

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4 years ago
Either don't watch tv at all with your kids around, which is better for them anyway, or just make sure they're watching a kid safe channel like Nick, Jr. Use an iPod int he car instead of listening to the radio.

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