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Is a baby's poop yellow seedy looking normal at 6 weeks? On soy milk

4 answers
5 years ago
My baby is 6 weeks old. She is on soy milk and her poop changed since last week, its a yellowish mustard seedy looking lind of poop.

answers (4)

5 years ago
Yes. Both of mine were on soy formula. That was the only poop we saw from them.
5 years ago
yes !!
5 years ago
very normal. the only time the you need to worry about the colors of poop is when it's white or tarry black. both would indicate a possibility of internal bleeding. i have seen orange, yellow, and green with my daughter.
5 years ago
yes it is! in a few weeks it will probly turn green and seedy and then just green. until it changes to the next color lol

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