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Disciplining my 13 month old

8 answers
5 years ago
I have a 13 month old that gets into EVERYTHING and it has me at my wits end. A girl I work with suggested instead of spanking anymore that I use a technique that helped with her daughter. I guess that's why i'm here, was wanting to know if it's legal. It's worked wanders for me so far, Ariel isn't getting into things anymore and seems to be listening. Basically instead of spanking what you do is when she is being naughty, i put her in her height chair and basically extend her knee and make a knuckle rolling the knuckle up and into the cartledge of the kneecap.. It's a simple way of saying no and it doesn't leave marks anymore. Anyhow is this legal? ** I DON'T abuse this** When i notice she is having trouble walking on one of her knees from this, i switch to the other knee to give the first leg rest.

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5 years ago
Sounds cruel to me and may be causing damage. Discipline at that age is about teaching and redirection, not punishment. Remember that your daughter has NO impulse control yet. She doesn't know any better.
5 years ago
I'm really, really concerned about this and don't think it's a good idea, legal or not.  There are lots of ways to discipline a 13-month old without causing pain.  (The fact that it USED  to leave marks and can affect her walking are warning signs to me.)  A good book to read (I know time for reading is limited, but if you get the chance) is "Happiest Toddler on the Block."  It has lots of good suggestions for communicating with and disciplining even very early toddlers.
5 years ago
Oh my goodness, that sounds horrible. Why would you basically be torturing your child. I have a daughter 1 month younger than yours, and i would never in my right mind spank let alone do something so cruel to her. She is at that age where she is learning everything. If she is getting onto things, she is just curious, you should just tell her "NO" and take her away from the area she is getting into. Sooner or later she will know that no means no.. I am not trying to be rude but if you dont have the patients for your beautiful childs learning stage then you dont deserve to have a kid. They are only curious at this age, she is not doing it to be a pest.. Reading your post, definitely sadness my heart..
5 years ago
My son is 13 months old.  Discipline isn't even in the game plan, nor should it be.  When he starts doing something he should not be doing, I tell him "No" in a loud and firm voice, and distract him with a toy or song or game.  He definitely knows what "no" means - I can use it on the other side of the room, and I get a reaction.  It took only about two days to reinforce the "no" - it'll obviously take much longer to reinforce the rule.  Distraction is totally the name of the game at this point.
5 years ago
You and your friend are wrong wrong wrong. Please stop abusing your daughter. Listen to these other mothers as well. You need patience and some different parenting skills. 
5 years ago
you need to stop this! my friend who is a social worker said that according to her this is abbuseshe said you could try time outs
1 year ago
You should be reported to CPS..what your doing is child abuse.
9 months ago
I'm searching the internet for tips on how to discipline my 13-month old and I came across this. I realize this is an old post, but I had the urge to sign up on just to say how appalling your behavior is. How can a mother do that to her child? I agree with mamabear, you should be reported to CPS, can report her please? I hope your daughter, who should be 5 yrs old now, grew up fine, with no lasting effects from your torturing ways. That's horrible.

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