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had unprotected sex 5 days before my period. Could i be pregnant?

4 answers
5 years ago
I had unprotected sex days before my before. Could there be a chance that I could be pregnant? And when should I take a pregnancy test?

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5 years ago
Probably not, but there's always a chance.  If your cycle is regular, I think ovulation usually occurs 2-3 weeks after your cycle ends.  So, I'd read over the pregnancy symptoms and keep an eye on your body and signs, and of course wait 2-3 weeks and take a pregnancy test.  For me, I had my LMP 2/14 and conceived around the 1st wk of March (according to the ovulation testing strips and my basal temp).  Within 1-2 weeks, I noticed differences in my body (achy breasts, etc.) and took a test, which was just faintly positive.  A few days later, it was strongly positive.Good luck!
5 years ago
anytime you have sex, there's a chance that you could get pregnant. if your not planning a baby, DO NOT have unprotected sex. I was only having sex durin infertile times in my cycle and using the pull out method when i concieved my daughter. you should definitely take a test 3-6 after the encounter.
5 years ago
Usually your most fertal days 2 weeks before your period is supposed to start.  so I doubt you are pregnant.  But just to be sure, take a test.  I knew I was pregnant a week before my period was expected.  All of the sudden I craved carbs and for me to crave anything was odd.  i was also tired all the time, and the migranes that usually hit the week before my period didn't come. Good luck
5 years ago
Unprotected sex can cause pregnancy... news flash!!  Timing isn't as important as you think, every menstrual cycle is different.

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