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He refuses to call me mommy

2 answers
3 years ago
It seems to me that my 2 1/2 year old son is playing with me, but he absolutely refuses to call me mommy. I've tried everything from ignoring him when he calls me "daddy" or another name to correcting him (He says daddy and I come back with "No I'm mommy") and we will do that until I give in. This drives me nuts. What do I do?

answers (2)

3 years ago
That's pretty normal. My older kids both called my husband Mama for along time, even though we always corrected them. Then, as they got older they'd call us the wrong names on purpose, just because they knew they weren't supposed to. Don't let it get to you. Chances are, the more he knows it bugs you, the more he'll do it.
3 years ago
Recently went through this with 2 year old.  Simply refuse to answer. correct the child with mom, mommy whichever your prefer and DO NOT answer to the other. also have your spouse refer to you as mom (mommy) just to back you up!

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