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Help I am 9 1/2 wks pregnant with my 4th child

2 answers
4 years ago
I am 9 1/2 wks pregnant with my 4th child and my left breast and nipple are soo sore and itchy but my right one is fine. Is this normal? also I keep getting numbness in my right hand/wrist ...anyone else have these issues? or is it just me???

answers (2)

4 years ago
First off, any time you have any concerns you should call your doctor's office. Your doctor and his/her nurse are the best people to talk to.That said, I have back and neck problems so it's normal for me to get pinched nerves, esepcially when I sleep funny. I frequently get numb or burning patches of skin on my arms and during this pregnancy I haven't been able to lean on my left elbow because it will make my hand and arm go numb or tingly. So, weird things are not unusual for me. 
4 years ago
Deffinatly go to the doctor because it could be something that could harm you or the baby.Tenderness is normal for pregnancy and when I was pregnant from the time I was 10 weeks pregnant with my daughter it happend to me I ask the doctor and she said its fine.But what you discribed is a little different then what I heard from the doctor so make sure you ask about that but theres creams and things like that for sore breats.

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