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Help with names

4 answers
1 year ago
So, I'm pregnant, and thinking it's a boy. My husband and I have begun to think about names, but we're having a very hard time coming up with anything good. In truth, it's hard because we have so many criteria to meet. (We both have unusual names and take naming our children very, very seriously. It's a big deal.) Our list of criteria is: The name has to be traditional, but not overly common. Think: not in the top 50 names. The name has to be easy to spell and easy to pronounce. It can't end in R, because our last name does and we don't want anything rhymey. It can't end in N, because two of our kids names already end in N. It can't start with A, H, or V, because we want all the names to start with a different letter. It shouldn't starts with B, because our last name does, but that's an optional requirement. It needs to be as cool as Harrison, our other son's name. It also has to be as sophisticated as Harrison. It has to sound like it belongs with our other children's names, Audrey, Harrison, and Vivienne. I think that's all.

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1 year ago
Hi well when my wife was pregnant we had a few top baby boy names Koa (our sons name), Bryce, Kaleb, Timothy (because of nickname Timo) and Kai.So dont know if i was f any help but yeah i hope you find the right name for your new baby  
1 year ago
Russell, Graham, Riley, Derek, Ross, Tony...that's all i can think of off the top of my head. That is a tough criteria you guys got, but whatever works for you LOL! Hope you find your perfect name :)
1 year ago
Like I said, naming our children is a big deal. So far, choosing the right name has been the biggest parenting challenge we've faced with our kids. I have a couple of ideas for names if this baby turns out to be a girl, but boy names are so hard. And we really set the bar high with Harrison.
1 year ago
Kadyn, Damon, Tyler, Shane, Miguel, Jason, Nico, Dustin, Vince, Leo, Ryan, Kyle, Kevin, Riley, Dakota

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