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how can you treat a yeast infection without hurting the baby?

4 answers
4 years ago
i'm pretty sure i have a yeast infection and i was wondering whats the safest way to treat it? my friend's dr prescribed this cream for her and it ended up killing her baby and i am really afraid of that happening...

answers (4)

4 years ago
You should see your doctor immediately, only a doctor can properly diagnose a yeast infection. That said, regular yeast infection creams and suppositories are safe during pregnancy. Only oral medications are unsafe. I don't know what kind of cream your friend's doctor gave her, or if that's what caused her to lose her baby. I had a yeast infection and treated it with a suppository and cream and it went away immediately. My baby is extremely healthy. The cream shouldn't affect a developing baby in any way since it can't get through the amniotic sac.
4 years ago
Yeast infections are common while pregnant. You should go see your doctor and they will diagnose you and give you a cream. Like V said, I don't think that would have caused your friends baby to die. Tell your doctor your concerns and they will give you all the info.
4 years ago
My OB told me to mix a tiny bit of peroxide wuith warm water and squirt it into the area.
4 years ago
I had one during my pregnancy and they told me they could perscribe me cream or i could go to the store and get a kit. The kit will not harm the baby in any way.

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