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how do i get my 1 yr old to stop randomly screeching/screaming?

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4 years ago
my 1 yr old has started screaming screeching at the top of her lungs, i watch her cousin 5 dys a week and she has always done this. So my guess is my daughter pick it up from her. they just walk around and screech in a VERY high pitched voice....and this needs to! thank you in advance for your advie! Amy Shelton

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4 years ago
it's normal. my daughter did the same thing at that age. after i tried, "shh.", or "be quiet", "no screaming", etc. i considered giving up, but honestly this is what worked: i would gently cover her mouth with my hand, and say, "no, Paisley. stop it." it worked like a charm! it took about 3 seconds for her to realize she needed to be quiet.
4 years ago
Unfortunately, Pink is right - it's normal.  Luckily, it's also a phase, or at least it is with my son.  He'll try it out for a few days, and after he gets no reaction from me, he stops.  (The hand-over-mouth thing doesn't work on him.)  Usually I just turn away, and if he really keeps it  up, I leave the room, and he figures out quick that I don't play with screechers.
4 years ago
My daughter does that too. She thinks it is funny. I'd cover her mouth and explain to her she needs to have a quiet, inside voice. And if you are lucky, you won't get bit :)
4 years ago
My daughters would do it too, mainly when they are playing together and I'm busy cleaning. When ever it starts I walk into their play room and start wispering, so they have to be quite to hear me. Then we practice our inside voice. It really calms them down. Later when they go outside, I let them yell it out.
4 years ago
My 14 month old son does this as well, only he came up with it all by himself. I think he does it because he knows it's an effective way to get attention when he needs something and it makes him louder than his 2 1/2 year old sister. The bad thing is that she often joins in with him! We tell him "no yelling" or "no screaming" and that usually works for a few minutes, as does making sure our daughter doesn't encourage him. Since I know it's a means of communication for him I'm hoping that as he learns how to talk more he'll stop screeching.

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