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How do i get my wonderful 3 1/2 old son to stop screaming.

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5 years ago
I have a wonderful 3 1/2 year old son that I adore to the max. However he has a horrible trait that I wish was different. It started out occasional, but now he screams ALL THE TIME. (even when he has no reason to). How can I modify the behaior, so i can help him stop this screaming. I feel I've tried everything I can think of, but it hasn't cured him. My fear is that no school will take him, (when the time comes); because of this horrible habit. Please help... I need suggestions and guidance on this. Thank you. bbdmom, San Antonio, TX

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5 years ago
When my son started screaming i'd tell him softly "no screaming, only inside voices. your screaming hurts my ears and i don't want to listen to it. Then i would put him in another room by himself and said he could come out when he was done and closed the door. He got the message after a few times and has not done it since. i hope this helps.

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