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How long does it does to get pregnant after only one shot of depo?

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2 years ago
In may of 2011 i was 10 weeks pregnant but had losted the baby. My boyfriend and i had talked about trying again but we decided to wait. So i had gone to my doctor to get the depo shot for bith control.I only had one shot cause i got really bad headaches and had weight gain. the shot lasted for three months and had i no period during the whole three months. Then i didnt get my cylce back until this passed september. but i have been feeling like i did when i was pregnant. i have been pregnant three times so i know what to look for. But i have heard that with the depo shot it takes a while at least a year for your body to get back to "normal" and to get pregnant. But every women is different, does the fact that i only had one shot of depo make me have better changes of getting pregnant sooner. My boyfriend and i have been trying to conceive.. could i be pregnant? oh and one other thing.. i have taken six pregnancy tests and three of them all first responce tests came out negative but then turned positive.

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2 years ago
The effects of Depo are different for every woman. For some it can take a year or more to get pregnant, for others it happens sooner. I'm not really understand your question about the pregnancy tests you've taken. A positive pregnancy test result should appear immediately and a test result is only good for 1 hour. After that a number of different factors can affect the reading.If you think you are pregnant you should make an appointment to see your doctor. You can get a blood test to see if you're pregnant and you may be able to get other tests done to check your hormone levels to see if you are able to get pregnant soon, if you aren't already.

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