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i am 28 weeks pregnant and cramping, but the baby is moving

2 answers
4 years ago
but i dont have contractions

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4 years ago
may just be ligaments stretching. if it is real painful, get checked out. as long as baby is active, you should be fine.
4 years ago
The baby being active is a very good sign. But the cramping could be a few different things. AAWM is right it could just be the ligaments that hold you uterus are stretching because youre uterus is growing. For me this is my 2nd pregnancy & about a week farher along then you. I get these crampy feelings & if i go pee, drink some water & maybe lay back & rest they go away. this is also my 2nd pregnancy & i had braxton hicks with my first but they didnt feel like this but my dr assured me that they dont always feel the same. Id say try peing, drinking water & rest when they happen & definitely talk to yor dr so that he/ she can advise you better & just so they know whats going on,

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