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I am 33 wks preg. and I have absolutley no sex drive

4 answers
2 years ago
the thought of it grosses me out and durning it feels very uncomfortable and unpleasant I feel like something is wrong because i am attracted to my husband please help.

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2 years ago
Nothing is wrong, this is completely normal during pregnancy. Your hormones are crazy at this point and things change a little inside, making it uncomfortable or even painful. I'm almost 25 weeks into my third pregnancy and my sex drive is insane. But, I can't handle more than about 5-10 minutes of intercourse because it gets uncomfortable. Do what you can when you can with your husband. Pregnancy is a difficult time and toward the end things just get awkward and uncomfortable. There's nothing you can really do about it. Be honest with your husband about what's going on and find other ways to be intimate.
2 years ago
While some women like me crave sex during pregancy, others don't want any at all. It's understandable and normal. While it can hurt for some people, it's also really hard to get arroused when you're in "mommy mode" and all you can think about is your baby rather than your husband.My husband and I didn't have the problem dring my pregnancy but afterwards we did. Basically we just had to stir things up a bit and become a little more romantic with each other, and it worked. And if it's too painful, just try other things, you'd be surprised how stimulating a little change can be. ;-)
2 years ago
With my daughter(first pregnancy) I was the same way. I wanted nothing to do with sex. My husband was really understanding and we still had sex but he knew it was not my favorite and I was not really in the mood so he took the pressure off.  Cuddle and bond over the baby a bit. We watched a movie in bed and cuddled and he had his hand on my belly. My son (second pregnancy) moved the whole time, he thought this was cool and gave him a little insight(very tiny window)tto being pregnant
2 years ago
ill be 33weeks tomorrow & i have no sex drive at all . i could care less about sex . when me & my fiance do have sex it doesnt hurt . i just never feel like having sex EVER

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