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I am feeling guilty about not being excited about my pregnancy! : (

4 answers
3 years ago
So I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and all of my family and my spouse are so excited and supportive of the situation but I am not excited at all. I know financially we are sound with the situation and I am not stressed about having a little one run around. I feel terrible and so moody. I dont like talking about it to my excited family, I cry all of the time, and just talking about it makes me feel sick on my stomach. This should be a happy moment for me but i cant control my mood! Please give me some suggestions! What can I do to feel better and happier???

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3 years ago
The mood should pass soon enough. At times, I'm not even happy to be pregnant but think of the times when the new baby will bring smiles to your face. Try to think of all the new things you can do with a child and not the things you'd miss out on.
3 years ago
I wouldn't worry too much.  You're' still in the early days of your pregnancy - except for the hormones, I suspect you don't really think of the pregnancy as "real".  So why get excited over something that isn't actually reality yet? I've moved around fairly frequently in my life.  Whenever I have a move coming up, people will ask me if I'm excited to go to the new location.  Thing is: I'm never excited, because half the time we're supposed to go somewhere, it gets cancelled at the last minute, or the destination changes, or something goes wrong.  This has happened to us five times in five years!  Getting excited is just too much work for too little outcome, for me.  I know it's not the same, but I get not being excited about something that really should be exciting.  As you get closer to your baby's birth, you'll start looking forward to it.  (Or maybe you won't - and that's okay too.) 
3 years ago
Feel the way you need to feel, work your way through all the feelings, because later everything gets busier, and more confusing. And everyone is right, don't worry about it.The biggest thing, is try not to get too grumpy about everyone else having a hayday with your big news.  I know I was irritated that everyone could be excited, but I just wasn't. Let them be your happiness for right now, and work through you. 
3 years ago
When I got pregnant with my daughter she was not planned and I had always ranted about not wanting kids. I did not know what to do. My husband wanted to be happy but knew that I was very unsure and that was hard for him. I could not tell anyone besides my husband til I was 13 weeks. I just wanted to forget about it and not telling let me do that. I have my daughter and I love her and we now have a son (planned) and I love him. It was just that first few moments when I was like what am I doing and how can I handle this.You will get through this. Maybe go to a consoulor to talk over your feels. I know it may be hard to talk with your spouse if he is excited. So a neutral party might be nice.

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