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im 15 weeks pregnant my daughter caitlynn is 5 months and she crys

4 answers
5 years ago
at night when shes hungry and once i get up and feed her i have to walk the floor to get her to sleep and after i walk for like 1 hour shes goes to sleep but then i bleed and theres big blood spots

answers (4)

5 years ago
if you are bleeding, then you need to call your doctor, now! as for your daughter, feed her if she's waking up hungry, walk her for a few minutes, and put her back in the crib to cry it out. babies are capable of soothing themselves to sleep at this age, and also sleeping through the night.
5 years ago
thanks ill keep you updated
5 years ago
You should call your doctor for sure!!! Bleeding while pregnant should be checked out. I have a 5 month old and I try to feed her like 20 mins before we go to sleep and it helps her sleep. She sleeps through the night almost every night. Good luck!!
5 years ago
i went to the doctor they said its fine im just bleeding because of the excersise and just to relax

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