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i'm a 20 year old woman, and for some reason i havent had my period

2 answers
5 years ago
haven't had my period for over a month had one positive and one negative test, and idk how likely i am pregnant, i have a doc appointment Tuesday, what should i e3xpect if i am? and how can i calm down my nervous boyfriend? help!!

answers (2)

5 years ago
If you had one positive test, you are pregnant. False negatives are very common with home pregnancy tests. As far as your doctor appointment, they will do a vaginal exam, want a urine sample and some blood tests. You will be weighed and given a TON of information to look at. You may be given a prescription for prenatal vitamins, if not just get some from the vitamin section of the drug store. No one brand is any better than another, unless they make you nauseated :)For the nervous boyfriend, remind him to breathe. Sometimes a few deep breaths and some reflection will help. Remind him that babies are born everyday in to families who were not planning for them and things usually work out fine. :)Good luck with everything :)
5 years ago
thank you so much!! im just so nervous!!

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