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infant constipation

3 answers
5 years ago
my daughter just had a baby last month & im wondering which karo syrup --light or dark-- can u use in their bottle to help relieve constipation? i did it when i had my kids years ago just cant remember light or dark.

answers (3)

5 years ago
I'd guess dark but I am not sure either.As I know you can also use brown sugar (dark is best) mixed in some water, about 1 tsp in 2 ounces of water. Another thing you can try too is boiling some raisins in a just enough water to cover then give the water to babe. Help this helps I know baby constipation is difficult on baby and mom.
5 years ago
I just had my son in December and although I have yet to try it I was told it was the light syrup to mix in with water to help with the constipation
5 years ago
He is way too young to give any kind of laxative help. And is he really constipated ? see : newborn constipation symtpoms

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