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is it possible i am pregnant?

2 answers
2 years ago
My cycle is irregular to begin with. The last couple months it has gone from 34 days to 36 days to 35 days to 28 days to 30 days. I had my period on august second and wasn't suppose to get it until September 4th. I had sex on august 30th. I then got my period on September 1st. It lasted 5 days as normal but didn't seem as heavy to me. I have been getting dizzy, headaches, a little cramping and nauseous from time to time since last week. On the 13th and 14th I was spotting. Again yesterday and today I have felt sick and had a headache. I have been reading and some places say its not possible and other places say theres a chance I am pregnant. Someone please help me. Also how soon can I take a pregnancy test???

answers (2)

2 years ago
You can take a pregnancy test now.
1 year ago
I think so too, friv

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