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is it too early to have signs

3 answers
4 years ago
ok so im 16 here and im just wondering how early is too early to be experiencing what seen to be pregnancy symptoms. My boyfriend and I have only had unprotected sex once on accident a little over a month ago and bout a week ago I noticed that my breasts are really really sore. I couldnt even put a bra on comfortably. Ive been neaous but have not gotten sick. Im always tired and have very bad mood swings. Any advice is appreicated. Please and Thank You

answers (3)

4 years ago
So sorry to say im very young to well 20 and the 1st thing i noticed were my boobs hurts so bad even the water from the shower hurt them, and yes very sleepy. good luck get a test, or two !
4 years ago
Have you had a period since you had sex? You say it was a little over a month ago so you should of had a period by now. They are usually a good indicator. I never got tender breast until they really began to swell at like 30 weeks. The only way to be sure is to take a test. It can happen so you need to always be careful
4 years ago
It's possible that you're pregnant. You should take a home pregnancy test to find out.

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