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Just found out my daughter has 3 kidneys anyone ever heard of this?

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2 years ago
They recently did a CT scan that showed that my daughter had 3 kidneys. She has had severe kidney infections her whole life. At 8 years of age she was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection. She doesn't get any of the usual symptoms of UTI's and such mostly just back pain by then it is in her kidneys. We have an appointment with a urologist coming up and are hoping for some help there. Any ideas for what people have done in this situation would be great. Have also been told she has three tubes as well and urine reflux. Also, that she might not be able to have children due to this. I feel bad wondering if it is hereditary as I had and acute kidney infection when I was 4 months pregnant with her and had to be hosptialized for four days on iv antibiotics. Sorry so long am just looking for answers and support. Thank you.

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2 years ago
Your best bet is to just wait and talk to the doctor. Things like this are rare, so I doubt you'll find much help here. Also, you having a kidney infection would not cause her to have three kidneys. Unless you, or someone in your (or her father's) family also have this condition, it's probably just a spontaneous occurrence.

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