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My 6mth has a pimple like spot on her anus, any ideas on what it is?

6 answers
5 years ago
My 6 month old little girl has a hard pimple like spot on her anus, right in between her anus and vagina. I know it doesnt hurt her because she let me touch and move it around and she didnt fuss. She doesnt have a temp. The "pimple" is a dark red on one side and also has a white spot on it, but is also skin toned. It doesnt look inflamed. I dont think its an abcess but i guess it could be, Does anybody have any ideas or had the same issue with their baby??

answers (6)

5 years ago
you need to talk to her doctor about that one.
5 years ago
well its friday, so the office isnt open till monday, but i called the on call nurse and she said as long as its not getting bigger and she doesnt spike a fever, to just wait till monday
5 years ago
you could always bring her into the walk-in clinic.
5 years ago
could it be a staph infection?
5 years ago
take her to an urgent care if you feel like it can't wait until monday. i could be a cycstic pimple.
4 years ago
FYI: It was just a skin tag, and should go away on its own as she grows. Her dr's want to keep an eye on it but as long as it doesnt get bigger and Doesnt ever bother her, its ok and something they just want to keep a record of. Thanks for all the responces im a new mom and every little thing freaks me out.

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