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My Husband and I are TTC after a Vasectomy Reversal, Any Tips??

2 answers
4 years ago
My Husband had a Vasectomy almost 13 years ago as he was Married Previously and did not want anymore children with her. We met, Fell In Love almost Instantly. This year on 2-11-2011 he had the Vasectomy Reversed. I am all good in the Fertilty Department. He is taking Fertile Aid for Men and doing Home remedies to boost the Sperm Count. It has been almost 3 cycles now with no Preganancy. I was charting and timing which really turned into more of a Ritual, than Making Love to one Another. So I guess, other than relaxing and letting Nature take it's Course, any tips? I know it can take up to a year for normal non-fertile problem pregnancies to occur. He NEVER had a Fertility problem. I also know it can take up to 1 year for him to get back to the Sperm Count that he originally had. We have seen live Sperm so we know they are there. We are very excited and just trying to let God work his Miracle. Anyone else been in a similar situatuion? If so, Please Comment. Wish Us Luck, Share Your Story and hopefully God Blesses us soon! I cannot wait to have my First Little One :D

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4 years ago
Hi! My husband had a vasectomy over 10 years ago with his exwife. He had it reversed last August (2010). I just found out I'm pregnant 3 days before Easter. My husband kept telling me to wait 8 months.. He was right. I was so worried after 3 months that it wasn't going to happen. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, so I know I'm fertile. My husband didn't have any children so we just hoped it would work.. Apparently, it just takes time for the vas to open.By the way, I was checking my temp every day and trying to follow cervical mucas, etc.. I finally gave up and put all my books out of sight. I got pregnant a month later.Good luck!
4 years ago
Hi Ladies! This is truly inspiring to me. I'm currently engaged and my fiance had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. He has 3 children from his previous marriage and this is my first marriage and I've never tried to have kids in the past. We've recently decided that we'd like to have a baby of our own. I've been researching information regarding our options and am happy to have found this post; it's comforting to know that others have gone through this before and had success. I don't believe that our insurance covers vasectomy reversal and am fearful that we will spend a lot of money on this procedure and then have our dreams crushed by failure. Since I know that it can take up to a year after the procedure for a pregnancy, I'd like to save the money and do the procedure soon since we would like to try to have the baby, if possible, within 3 years.If you have any information or words of windom and encouragement that you have gained for your experiences, please share them!

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