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My periods are lighter and last 2-3 days am I pregnant?

2 answers
4 years ago
My periods have been really weird for a little while but just this month I noticed that my periods only lasted 2-3 days and were super light . I have been feeling like vomiting, my stomach rolls when i smell things they seem to smell stronger, my belly feels tight, my boobs feel harder and my nipples are darker... all i want to eat is chicken, I get too hot to easy, I sometimes don't feel like eating food, and the aorela has little bumps that are more poped up than usual, I also have veins that are more poped out than usual and depression that is really high since last week.... is it possible that I could be pregnant ?

answers (2)

4 years ago
Frankly, I doubt it.  While some women do continue to bleed during pregnancy, it's not so common and is usually a reason for concern.  That said, my stock answer: No one on the internet is going to be able to tell you if you are pregnant.  I suggest taking one of the at-home pregnancy tests which can be purchased at any drug or grocery store.  If you don't trust them (or don't like/agree with the result), please call your doctor, who can run a blood test which will definitively say whether or not you a pregnant.
4 years ago
everyone is different honey. my advice would be to take some tests at home. early in the morning bcuz that is the best time to test ur urine. if u are still not confident then make an appt at the doctors office. best of luck to you!!

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