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My step daughter is 10 and is peeing her pants only in the day

3 answers
3 years ago
She is almost 10 and is peeing her pants almost everyday at school. She never pees the bed, its only during the day.

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3 years ago
Talk to her to try to figure out why it's happening. Is she not going when she needs to, or could there be emotional/psychological factors because of a recent big change in her life? If she doesn't give you any clues, you should talk to your pediatrician.
3 years ago
Her mom isnt involved very much and just recently went to prison. Her dad and I arent together anymore. But she started doing it a few years ago. Im pretty sure its an emotional thing. I cant get her dad to help with it I just called the school a month ago and they are trying to help. She needs some help. Her dad does not have medical for her, and he said he cant afford it. I have talked to her a bunch and let her know that kids will notice and make fun of her and it will be really sad when thye do. I just dont know what to do:( She never does it in bed its only during the day
3 years ago
Herafter father needs to get her on Medicaid. All states have either very affordable low cost or no cost health coverage for children. And, if her school has a counselor or psychologist, she should be talking with that person.

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