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So, I'm spotting

3 answers
2 years ago
I haven't posted here in a while... But, I need to post my issue somewhere. I've been taking Metformin for almost 5 months now. December was my last real period. For the past two weeks, I've spotted on and off. Sometimes, it's really red/light pink and sometimes, like today, it's brownish. I've bought a Pregnancy test, but I don't have any of the pregnancy symptoms except headaches, slight nausea, tiredness and a sore back. I don't have cramps, sore breasts, swelling, weight gain, peeing irregularly, etc etc. I'm really scared of taking the P. test....

answers (3)

2 years ago
The only way to know whether or not you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. Any time you are taking any kind of medication you need to know immediately if you are pregnant.
2 years ago
 I know, V.  Trust me, I know.However, I'm afraid because I've gotten so many negative results that it's not funny.  I don't want to take ite and it come out negative....
2 years ago
I know how hard that can be. But really, there's only one way to know. I've been through a few times of experiencing pregnancy symptoms and was so positive that I was pregnant. Naturally, I was disappointed when I got the negative test results. But, then I knew that the symptoms were just in my head or were caused by weird hormonal fluctuations. I know it's hard to have your hopes crushed. Believe me, I do. But if you are pregnant, you need to know.

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