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4 years ago
Okay sorry this is a odd question, But i well my husband needs help :) Im never into having sex anymore, Im 21 weeks and feel fine ! But im never into it, and when we do have sex and it does feel good i cant get off, But lately i cant feel anything and believe me its not him or his size. Is this normal and what do i do.

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4 years ago
Yes, It's normal. I had this problem my first pregnancy, I didn't want sex the whole thought of it made me sick, and when I did have sex I didn't enjoy it.  It's just hormones some women Don't want sex and some can't get enough,It's a part of being pregnant. 
4 years ago
Thankyou, I think i need to be a bit nicer when i say i cant feel anything i think it get to him. But its frustrating for me as well.
4 years ago
Yes, it's normal. As gollymissmolly said it's just your hormones. During my first pregnancy it was extremely uncomfortable during my first trimester. With my second I had no interest in sex whatsoever. With my third thigns were pretty normal. I also found that hormonal birth control also affects lessens my sex drive. 

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