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my daughter is 12 weeks as of yesterday. i think shes teething, shes been chewing on her hands alot and pretty cranky and i noticed today that on her bottom gum where the first 2 teeth wouild be, its white. her cousin had his first tooth by 4 months..has anyone else had children who teethed so early? i know its a big window for the age kids get their first teeth.

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I don't know how early the child in question started, but I did meet a 1-year-old who had ALL of her baby teeth.  Molars, cuspids, she had 'em all.  Sounds like early teeth might run in the family - if you ask me, that's a blessing.  Toddlerhood is cranky enough!  (Says the mom of the 18-month-old who's getting all four of his cuspids at once.  OUCH.)
my daughter had 4 teeth at 4 months, and she's 21 months now with 20 teeth.
My daughter is 17 weeks and has been working on some teeth for about 3 weeks. She chews, drools, gets cranky etc. I have notice two little white spots on her bottom gums taht i suspect are little teeth waiting to pop through! My doctor said that almost anything is "normal" that happens teething, crawling, walking, talking. He said worry when things are too late!

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