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tips to reduce air swallowing while breastfeeding? or burping tips?

3 answers
4 years ago
My 2 week old is swallowing a lot of air while I feed her, I am wondering if there are feeding positions, or specific things I can do to help her not swallow so much air? Also, any tips for getting those uncomfortable bubbles out? She is not colicky, but fussy and grunty with a burp in her belly.

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4 years ago
I'm not sure how you're holding her when you burp her, but I found that my son did better with burping when he was sitting up on my lap, facing to the side.  I sort of propped him over my hand, just under his ribcage, and burped away.  He wasn't the greatest of burpers - I didn't always get a burp - but I found the position helped considerably. (Can't help on the breastfeeding; my son was bottle-fed.)
4 years ago
theres alot of potsitions u can try..u can probly google them to get pics of it..theres the cradle, the football hold and a few for burping you can try how ARIZONA explained or you can put him over your shoulder..if u think he hs gas in his belly you could lay him across your legs and rub his back or u can lay him on his back and push his legs up..he may have to fart and not always be a burp..hope this helps 
4 years ago
my daughter was gassy as well. My pediatrician suggested that if normal burping didn't work, lay her on her back and move her legs like she was riding a bike. He said that helped with gas and constipation. My favorite burping method is the one Arizona described. I found it worked way better than over-the-shoulder.I only breastfed exclusively for a little over a week, but I think eventually she'll get better at latching. If she is getting air it sounds like maybe she is getting enough nipple in her mouth. is a picture similar to the one they sent me home should have a whole mouthful of nip!

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